/ / Английский язык для подростков 10-17 лет

Английский язык для подростков 10-17 лет

Этот лексико-грамматический тест определит Ваш уровень знания английского языка. Мы также рекомендуем записаться на устное бесплатное тестирование в Лингвистический Центр «Бизнес-лингва» по телефонам: (495) 690-72-79, 694-79-05. Мы подберем для Вас программу и группу Вашего уровня.

1 Hello, what's ?
2 is a good dictionary.
3 My brother is
4 He to university every day.
5 Why ?
6 These books are .
7 to school yesterday?
8 English is easier Maths.
9 My friend French very well.
10 Is there juice in the fridge?
11 The post office is the supermarket.
12 That brown and black dog is .
13 a lovely day today.
14 Have you ever to Rome?
15 I think the mobile phone is on my desk.
16 Tony drives too fast, he?
17 If you ice, it melts.
18 Mum couldn't answer the phone because she the dinner.
19 The film was really .
20 Mercedes a new car. It's called the Smart car.
21 I tried the jeans but they didn't fit me.
22 Where can I get information about the city?
23 The hotel by a large fire.
24 Soon cars use petrol. They'll all be electric.
25 Stop please!
26 What is the mammal in the world?
27 My brother can ride a bicycle very .
28 Do you clean your bedroom at home?
29 Is this the girl bag you found?
30 Where you yesterday?
31 The sign says No parking. You park here.
32 When I was younger, I long hair.
33 Sam and Luke have been best friends they were children.
34 She's tired because she since 6 o'clock this morning.
35 Charlie is late. He missed the bus.
36 If I had more time, I play more football.
37 Look at the sun! It hot today.
38 When we came to the cinema the film .
39 The students go to this school are all very intelligent.
40 English all over the world.