/ / Английский язык: международные экзамены

Английский язык: международные экзамены

Если Вы решили сдать международные сертификационные экзамены по английскому языку (тесты для детей или взрослых), то для начала рекомендуем пройти представленный ниже лексико-грамматический тест и записаться на устное бесплатное тестирование в Лингвистический Центр «Бизнес-лингва» по телефонам(495) 694-79-05, (495)690-72-79.

Для подготовки

- к экзамену FCE Вам необходим уровень владения английским языком – «Intermediate»;

- к экзамену CAE Вам необходим уровень владения английским языком –


- к экзамену IELTS Вам необходим уровень владения английским языком –

«Upper-intermediate» - «Advanced»;

- к экзамену TOEFL Вам необходим уровень владения английским языком –

«Upper-intermediate» - «Advanced»;


Подготовка занимает 2,5 месяца при занятиях 2 раза в неделю (Курс 40 академических часов). Оплата от 7360 рублей в месяц (за 8 занятий).

1 My parents are very strict. They never let me out till late..
2 She decided to take their invitation.
3 Mrs. John Brown regrets her past. She keeps saying, “If only I John”.
4 I’m not just hungry. I’m starving.
5 I can hear the water running. She must a shower.
6 Her eyes are red. She one hundred pages.
7 The car needs .
8 You drive on the right in Britain.
9 My glass is half empty. Who my juice ?
10 I’m feeling sick. I wish I mushrooms last night.
11 I to read so much when I was a child.
12 It’s getting late. We better go right now.
13 My father hit the when he heard I’d broken his car.
14 The teacher suggested the test.
15 a penniless student he couldn’t afford to buy a car.
16 He in the office now if he _________ ill yesterday.
17 We met them at the party but when we arrived they .
18 She to take the pill 3 times a day.
19 Why you _________ these roses ? They are plastic.
20 The children fairy tales.
21 My father didn’t mind my bike.
22 You should be more economical. Don’t fritter your money .
23 John is so upset. He redundant.
24 He was appointed of the company.
25 He was made the paper.
26 By six o’clock tomorrow I the report.
27 You ought some money every month.
28 I can’t find my ticket. I must it.
29 I don’t like ice-cream. Neither she.
30 Give me your homework I can copy it.
31 can you tell me where the post office is.
32 met our claim we would have referred the matter to the Atbitration Court.
33 met our claim we would have referred the matter to the Atbitration Court.
34 People who do not by law can get into trouble.
35 He was made the paper.
36 I would like sing well.
37 I saw him the window.
38 If I hadn’t parked on a yellow line I a ticket.
39 Politicians are not to be trusted.
40 We won’t give you our final reply until we all the matters.
41 They decided to their prices.
42 He was operated by the best surgeon.
43 of the two brothers speaks foreign languages.
44 She the table for dinner.
45 Some people paying tax.
46 You are so clumsy. You’re knocking everything off the table. You are like in the china shop.
47 My teacher is always at me.
48 Fortunately my credit card isn’t overdrawn, it’s .
49 You look miserable. What’s you ?
50 The road was slippery. I asked him to drive .