Business Russian

A lot of foreign companies are opening their branches and subsidiaries in Russia. They supply new goods and services into the Russian market and want to be closer to their Russian partners and clients. One of the serious issues that they face is the language barrier. Most Russians are monolingual. Starting your business in Russia and working closely with your Russian business partners as well as customers, will require some Russian language communication skills.

Russian language is unique. Unlike other European languages, Russian has a Cyrillic (or Slavic) alphabet and a very difficult grammar as well as phonetic system. 
Consider this. Russian people, who are well aware of the complexity of their own language, have developed a deep respect for the foreigners who make an effort to study the language, leave alone can communicate freely. Such appreciation opens a lot of doors in business and helps build and expand business connections and social networks that are so so important while doing business in Russia. 

Russian is not easy to learn. This language requires a lot of hard work and daily practice. But  in the hands of our expert teachers who  will guide you through the most challenging aspects of russian language learning, you will be reading, writing and communicating in Russian in no time!

Our Business Russian language course is aimed to improve your Russian language skills used in the context of business as well as every day life. This course is designed for business professionals who feel that the lack of the Russian language knowledge is affecting the quality of their business and life in Russia. We'll be also glad to welcome younger learners ages 13 - 17, who would love to speak Russian and fully appreciate the beauty of the Russian culture.

There are 5 levels of the Russian language proficiency: Russian for Beginners, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced. To approximately estimate your level you can take an on-line test in Russian. Later, at our office, you may have an interview. After these tests you'll be placed in a group of your proficiency  level.

Our teaching method incorporates the use of business course books such as «Russian for Businessmen», «ABC of Russian Business», and other materials. During the course students learn how to use Russian in different business situations as well as develop their grammar competence and conversational skills.

We strongly recommend you to study Russian in groups of 2 or 3. This will allow you to get a more personalized approach and a chance to practice conversational skills with your study group. 
Should you prefer 1:1  classes, we'll provide you with a customized program and a schedule tailored to your personal needs. Every time we put together a program for our students we take their wishes, needs and abilities into consideration.

Corporate classes are held on the premises, allowing you to schedule the time of your staff more efficiently. 

If you do not have enough time for comprehensive studies, but want to invest yourself into a few months of result bringing efforts, welcome to our intensive course, which takes from 80 to 240 hours, or about 2 to б months to accomplish.

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